About Me

Yojana Miraya Oscco


Interests Indigenous Geography, Environmental Justice, Resources Extraction, Indigenous Natural Resource Management, Political Ecology, Rural Livelihoods, Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK).

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I am from a Quechuan Indigenous community from the Andes of Peru. I am currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto studying political science. My research focuses on Andean politics, resource extraction, environmental justice, and rural livelihoods. I earned my BA from the Universidad Nacional Mayor of San Marcos in the field of Geography with a focus on Environmental Geography. I completed my Master’s degree in Social Science Research at Humboldt State University in Environment and Community program. My MA thesis was titled: Adaptation of customary Quechua Indigenous political organization in the face of modern resource extraction: A case study in the Apurimac region of the Andes of Peru. This research took me to the highest reaches of the Andes, where I interviewed and surveyed Indigenous Quechua-speaking people in remote villages about the impacts of the mining industry on their communities, especially in relation to their customary forms of political organization.

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Preliminary Research Interviews JEM 2017.